ACTUAL SAMPLE - From Our Mailbox

Gaming Regulatory Board scam

Date: 4/3/2007 1:02:43 PM

Dear [Name withheld],

Here is acknowledging receipt of your completed details as requested. You have been found qualified to receive the prize amount of Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Euros (3,500,000.00) in the just concluded balloting.

We hereby use this medium to formally congratulate you and our total commitment to immediately effect your winning transfer within the timeline.

However the Gaming Regulatory Board and the paying bank has recently instructed that all winning details must pass through the Area Court of Justice for the following procedures namely:-

(1) Notarization otherwise known as Legalization of the Award Winning Details.
(2) A Sworn Affidavit authenticating you as the rightful winner of the prize.
(3) A Stamp Duty

This procedure has become extremely important due to the recent wave of internet fraud and high-tech impersonation by fraudsters. We cannot afford a risk of Double Claim resulting from fraudulent claims/filings of individuals not connected to this program.

Our accredited legal team has been notified of this development and their specific role. Their completion of the legal aspect of this process must fall within the given time frame of not more than 1 week within which all relevant details must be submitted to the paying bank for immediate remittance of your prize to your designated account. All relevant details must reach the paying bank on or before Friday the 6th of April 2007.

Note that you will be responsible for his legal charges.

Find below the details of the legal counsels that would undertake the legal process on your behalf:-

Name: Karl Groenendijk
Firm: Vanderlinde Advocaten
Tel: 31 646 682 162 or 31 627 235 611.

Remember to include all details to allow for a proper identification of your file including the deadline which expires on Friday the 6th of April 2007.

You are strongly advised against sharing details of this process with any individual or an institution otherwise known as a third party until the due process is completed and your fund securely lodged in your designated accounts.

Feel free to get back with us for further clarity.


Mr.Gerald Neumann.