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€ 18 million more in our Extra Draws!
Anniversary starting credit of € 5

Dear Lottery friend!

It gives me great pleasure today to offer you a unique opportunity to follow the advice of Onassis and with state help to come into a fortune. The rich-in-tradition state-run German Class Lottery NKL. with its 300-year success story is the only Lottery in the world which on top of all the other prizes now also offers a Rollover Jackpot of up to Euro (€) 16 MILLION (ca. US$ 19 million / £ UK(GBP) 11 million / AU$ 26 million). And not only that - the jackpot is 100% certain to be cracked - state guaranteed! Are you ready for a happy and secure financial future?

You will be taking part in the NKL series with the highest odds and the biggest prizes there has ever been. In addition to the jackpot you can also (and this, too, is unique throughout the world) win 1 million Euros or 100 x 10,000 Euros every single day! And for not a cent extra, every motnh valuable bonus prizes — 20 luxury homes each worth € 300,000,540 brand new cars and 150 dream vacations. All-in-all there are 2,133,863 cash and bonus prizes to be won with a total value of around € 1.3 billion. Of these, there are 177 prizes in the millions up to 16 million Euros. More than any other lottery in the world. And this time onlu: € 18 million more in our Extra Draws!

These unique features have spurred me into revamping a classic system for you. In line with the motto "the bigger the target, the easier the strike" from my limited ticket contingent I have managed to reserve three consecutive ticket numbers for you and you alone. Known as the Combi 250, the three tcikets I am holding for you are:

2.817.380 2.817.381 2.817.382

Reap the rewards of this complex and potentially very lucrative reservation process. As more than every second ticket number wins a prize, the three consecutive ticket numbers reserved exclusively for you provide a broad "landing strip" for Lady Luck. As you know, the bigger the target the easier it is to strike lucky. The first-rate winning odds of 91.8% in the course of the lottery calculated by an independent professor of mathematics guarantee you your share of 2,133,863 prizes of up to € 16 million.

You are no doubt asking now: "How many chances do I have with the Combi 250 each day and how high are the prizes I can actually win?" And here is the answer:

Every day you have 3 alternating chances of € 250,000 or 300 chances of € 2,500 and every month you have 3 Jackpot chances of € 500,000 up to € 4 million and between 60 and 450 chances of additional non-cash prizes at no extra cost, which you can also take in cash if you prefer.

And on the following dates you can also win: 6th April 150 dream vacations each worth € 5,000. 4th May 150 VW polo Sportlines each worth € 14,000. 1st June 150 Mercedes B-Classes each worth € 27,000. 6th July 120 Audi TT Coupé each worth € 35,000. 3rd August 120 BMW Z4 Coupé each worth € 45,000. And on 3rd September you are playing for 20 houses each worth € 300,000. All bonus prizes can also be taken in cash if you prefer.

And every Friday your wiining chances are even better. Because Fridays are the Main Draw days. As you will see from the enclosed NKL win schedule, the biggest share of the prizes is drawn on these days. In April your tickets are playing for 195,778 prizes worth € 63,680,000 (plus the Jackpot of € 3 million). In May you are lookingat 225,878 prizes worth €68,880,000 (plus Jackpot of up to € 5 million). During the 30 days of June 240,679 prizes worth € 69,980,000 are drawn (plus Jackpot of up to € 7 million). July offers you 261,878 prizes worth € 79,080,000 (plus Jackpot of up to € 9 million).

SUPER: In the 118th NKL there will be the new monthly two million prize and 6,000 x € 1,000 on our Special Drawa!
That's a full 18 milliob Euros extra for you!

In August you are playing for 318,854 prizes worth € 84,900,000 (plus Jackpot of up to € 11 million). And in the 6th Class, in Spetember, there is a Superdraw on top of the 4 Main Draws. Here you have terrific odds on an incredible 890,038 prizes worth € 860,720,000, including 77 prizes of € 1,000,000 and, of course, the Jackpot draw of up to € 16 million.

This means that with your Combi 250 your personal jackpot can be € 4 million!

This is down to the exclusive NKL Jackpot, unique throughout the world. It starts at € 3 million and increases from class to class, as the enclosed win schedule shows, to a maximum of € 16 million. And what happens to your super odds on the Rollover Jackpot If it is won ahead of time ? They remain. Because the Jackpot builds up again. The minimum Jackpot in Classes 1-5 is € 3 or € 2 million and in the 6th Class € 5 million up to € 16 million. One thing is ceratin. The Jackpot will be cracked in the 6th class!

And it gets even better. You can win several times in each draw, because all winning tickets remain in the game right through to the 6th Class.

All in all over the six month period you have state-guaranteed chances of over 2.1 million cash prizes worth around € 1.3 billion (ca. US $ 1.6 billiob / £ UK (GBP) 900 million / AU $ 2.2 billion).

You will now understand why I recommend you to order your three tickets right away with the enclosed entry token by mail, fax or by telephone. The Combi 250 with its hard-to-get consecutive ticket numbers is very popular. Which is why I am only able to guarantee you the three reserved ticket number for 20 days.

Discretion, reliability and punctuality are all part of our free service along with full and immediate game updates.

Thank you for your trust in me and I look forward to notifying you of your first prize very soon.

Best regards,
State-accredited Lottery Agency Naumann

Thorsten Kessler

PS: To make sure that you are among the first to benefit from the multitude of chances and the incredible prizes, please reply right away.

Remeber that only in the 118th NKL are an extra Jackpots of up to € 16 million and the Extra Chance Draws for a further 6,000 x € 1,000 and the monthly two million prize are waiting for you. As soon as I receive your order I will put an Euro 5 starting credit in your customer account.