ACTUAL SAMPLE - From Our Mailbox

Scratch Card Mail Scam

Dear Mr/Mrs [Name withheld],

Do you know the easiest way to get rich quickly? No?! Then I am writing to the right person, because IWG offers you not one but several ways to win a large amount of money. For example, you can take part in the unique IWG Lotto System with the chance of winning a lot of money in the German Lotto 6/49.

And that's not all! For we are also offering you an immediate free chance of winning a large sum of money with Scratch & Win. That's right, you don't even have to pay a US Dollar to play this new, free cash scratch game from IWG!

You have been allocated 4 FREE Scratch & Win cards, Mr/Mrs [Name withheld]

Yes, you read that correctly. Enclosed in this envelope you will find 4 FREE Scratch & Win cards, That's four cards that can bring you a fantastic cash prize in combination with your personal win number ESLB1096009. Moreover, chances are, you've already won a prize with one of your 4 free cards, After all, the odds of winning with Scratch & Win is 1 in 4! And since I've sent you no less than 4 Scratch & Win cards, you must me almost certain of a prize. Of course, this may be a small cash prize, but it could alsi be a large one. So why don't you scratch your cards right now before you go any further...

Did you uncover the same sum three times?! Then send it in quickly and win, Mr/Mrs [Name withheld]!

Did you uncover the same sum 3 times on one of your Scracth & Win cards? Then congratulations, my friend! All you have to do now is complete your scratch and participation form and return it quickly with all 4 of your Scratch & Win cards! After your Scratch & Win cards have been checked, the cash prize won will be transferred to your account as quickly as possible! Can you think of an easier way to get rich quickly?

Kind regards,

P.S. Someone recently won more than 48 million US $ Dollar. If you send in your form now, you too could soon be the lucky winner of a fantastic prize in the German Lotto 6/49. And you are practically certain of winning! Otherwise we guarantee you your money back.