ACTUAL SAMPLE - Euro Millions

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REF: OYL /26510460037/02
BATCH: 24/00319/IPD

Attn: [Name withheld]

We hereby inform you that we have received the required information and your payment is now being finally processed. Your cheque will soon be ready for disbursement, along with your winnings certificate. In this regard you are to choose from the options below, the one that best suits you on how you wish to receive your winning prize:

1) Come down in person to our affiliate payment centre in London, United Kingdom. for an on-the-ground cash remittance. All handling fee, C.O.T, commission will be borne by you and are not deductible from your prize winning! All such payment will be paid at the remitting payment cash centre!.

2. Have our affiliate legal partners file a claims procedural process that will see to the approval of your funds which will consequently be wired to you via your provided receiving account co-ordinates in your country using electronic wire transfer or courier delivery. This process should be completed in five working days.

Your cheque be prepared and sent to your nominated address. To avoid someone pilfering your mail, it is advised that you keep this winning very confidential as cases abound where winning cheques have been stolen by people with prior knowledge of your cheque been despatched to you.

In consonance with our policy in this regard, be advised that if you opt for the services of a solicitor, you shall bear all liabilities related to this service. That is cost of this service would be borne by you; this is a prerequisite for this option. You will be referred to our partners legal chambers: BILLINGHAM AND SCHMITDZ ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS AND ARBITRATORS so that you can make enquires concerning their modalities.

We expect that you will notify us of your choice upon receipt of this message so that appropriate arrangement can be put in place.

Also note that all winners in your category are expected to claim their winning prize within 10 working days, failure to do so, your payment will be recalled back as unclaimed. This is to enable us time to also attend to winners in the other categories.

Once again, congratulations.

Mr. John Carrick.
Promotions Manager,
Euro Million International
Tel: {+44} 701 1148 523
Fax :{+44} 870 4714 145


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